Wagtails (EYFS & KS1)

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You can find some ideas, resources and inspiration for Home Learning during the weeks ahead for Wagtail Class on this page.

We will also be creating a gallery of pictures of some of the learning you have been getting up to. Just share them with Miss Smith by email or on Google Classroom. 

If you are having problems signing up to Google Classroom, just email Miss Smith. 

Using Google Classroom

Click here to read the instructions for signing in to Google Classroom. 

You will already have received email addresses, usernames and passwords in an email. 

Home and School Learning Gallery

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Wagtail Gallery 5th June

Wagtail Gallery 12th June

Wagtail Gallery 19th June

Wagtail Gallery 26th June

5th June: Arthur, Jessica, Jack, Lilly and Matthew

12th June: Arthur, Jessica, Freya, Brooke, Joseph and Matthew

19th June: Jessica, Mia, Joseph, Brooke, Daisy, Rory, Lilly, Arthur, Matthew, Kaylen, Archie, Amiyah and Jack

26th June: Rory, Lilly, Mia, Arthur, Brooke, Daisy, Matthew, Jessica, Joseph and Kaylen

3rd July: Freya, Arthur, Ryan, Mia, Kaylen, Jessica and Archie.

10th July: Freya, Kaylen, Rory, Jack, Matthew, Mia and Jessica.

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Phonics lessons, phonics games and ebooks all available on Bug Club. Just click on the Bug to go straight there! 

Recipes during Lockdown

We are collecting some recipes that you have been making while you have been at home. Click on the link to get the recipe. 

Matthew and Rory's Yummy Cookies

Miss Smith's Flapjacks

Useful Links

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl has a range of resources for reading, phonics, writing and maths.

Go to https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/ 

We have now signed up to Floppy's Phonics for extra practice. Miss Smith will let you know the class login on Google Classroom or by email or in your Home Learning Pack. 

More Phonics Resources

Letters and Sounds at Home and School Videos. There are lessons for Year 1, Reception and  lessons for those who need extra practice in blending: 


BBC Bitesize - short videos for all the Phase 2 and 3 phonemes and a tricky words song: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm

Teach Your Monster to Read - a free app with games at 3 different levels:


For Times Tables Rockstars go to https://ttrockstars.com/ 

Coding for 5 - 7

Download Scratch Jr - a free app

Go to https://www.scratchjr.org/

Click here for links to a variety of play activities for Reception children from the Hamilton Trust. 

Wagtail Gallery 3rd July

During Term 6 some of Wagtail Class have returned to school and some have stayed at home so our gallery has a mixture of photos from home and school. 

Wagtail Gallery 10th July