Free School Meal Vouchers 

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The school is taking part in the Eden Red FSM voucher scheme.  Children that are entitled to free school meals, and are learning from home full-time are entitled to a £15 voucher per week


When will I receive my voucher? 

We have placed orders on the 18th January and the 1st of February. Vouchers may take up to 4 days to arrive by email. 

What is the value of my voucher  

Each child is entitled to £15 per week. To be more efficient parents will receive 2 weeks' worth of vouchers. 

How do I use my voucher? 

The voucher is a 16 digit code and a link to the redemption websie. Families can then select a gift card for their preferred supermarket. 

I have more than one entitled child

The vouchers have been grouped into families, meaning one code will cover all the children. For example if there are two eligible children, the voucher value will be £60. Covering two children, for two weeks. 

Where can I spend my voucher? 

A full list of supermarkets may be found here

Will my voucher expire? 

You will have one month to use your voucher code. 

More information is available on the Eden Red Website 

If your child is eligible for free school meals, but is continuing to come into school, they will receive their hot lunch as normal. Click here for the menu. If your child is eligible for meals, and is in school part-time, they will receive a packed lunch for the days they are not in school.