Vision and Values

At Tortworth Primary School, our 'Rights and Responsibilities' are the pillars of our school community - a reflection of our moral values. The social and emotional aspects of learning are valued as much as our academic curriculum. We have the right to a safe and exciting place in which we can learn, work and play. Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to make sure our words and actions honour and respect our ethos.

Our Rights and Responsibilities 
  • To be listened to

  • To be trusted

  • To be safe

  • To a good education

  • To be respected

  • To an exciting environment

  • To listen to others

  • To be honest

  • To be gentle

  • To work hard

  • To use kind words

  • To respect others property

Our rights and responsibilities permeate every area of our school life, informing our teaching style and curriculum choices. We take an active role to encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and make positive behavioural choices. We inspire children to investigate what it means to be kind and fair through discussion and class activities.


We recognise and praise children for behaving according to our school ethos, celebrating in school assemblies and throughout our community. We hope that our pupils will recognise themselves to be kind, honest and caring listeners - who work hard in every aspect of life. We are actively creating a community which encourages and nurtures pupils’ self-confidence and love of learning. We understand that only happy, safe and calm children learn – this is the essence of our teaching philosophy.